Friday, October 30, 2009

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New Videos from desaraev6

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Workout while you Work?!

As a fellow computer geek, or at least a self professed one- I spend countless hours in front of my beloved Mac computer screen. These hours are spent productively blogging and send you all twitter messages. Add in the occasional time spent on Photoshop and you can pretend to be me for a day (for all clients reading this- consider the satire). Regardless of where my time is spent and how horrible my speeeeelling and grammar may be as a blogger- fact is us geeks spend the majority of our waking hours sitting down on our ever growing bums.

I've been trying to work out more, but my desire to eat, tweet, and play with Dreamweaver often out weighs my desire to hit the gym, the drop zone, the slopes, rock climb or even go dancing. I love all of those things. I'm not that lazy (or maybe I am) - bottom line is I spend a lot of time with clients, in meetings, working at coffee shops or sitting on my couch with my laptop and a good movie or podcast playing in the background. The rest of you desk jockeys may do similar things, but if you work on a computer- my point is your sitting.

I'm not sure if this is going to help at all, but I've found some creative ways to workout while you work. If you have other ideas, tips or just hate my posts feel free to comment below! I love hearing from you and feedback is essential to keeping this community going and motivating me to write or make videos for you all.

1. Desk Treadmills:

Do you get tired of sitting in a chair all day? The TreadDesk can change all of that by letting you stand up and walk while you continue working at your desk.

Treadmill desk by TreadDesk

Treadmill desk by TreadDesk


2. Yoga Balls

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stolen Bikes in Uptown

The following is a message from a close friend and colleague. Please help if you can:

Hello Everyone, This email is an attempt to locate our stolen bikes.  Our detached garage, in Columbia Heights, MN, was burglarized sometime last night and the lucky thief made off with five bicycles.  I've included pictures and descriptions below. The guy came through the alley, wedged the door open with a screwdriver or something (blew out the lock), and proceeded to walk off with all five bikes.  My neighbor across the alley actually saw the guy around 5:30 this morning and described him as a "white guy, tall and skinny, with short hair, and a cap."  He was rolling down the alley on Jess's bike when he saw him - too bad he had no idea what was going on... Please keep an eye out for these bikes, and pass this along to anyone who might be involved with cycling, or otherwise might be involved with buying and selling used bikes, or maybe someone with too much time on their hands that likes this kind of thing... The first three are rare enough that they should be easy to spot - evidently no one but me and Jess ride Fuji.... If you see any sign of these bikes, please email me at, or call my cell 763-232-1870. Get 'em!!!
Bike #1:  2007 Fuji Team, carbon frame, 61 cm, as pictured with the exception of: Dura-Ace crank, Black Speedplay Zero pedals, Fizik Arione seat, Thompson Elite seat post, ITM stem, silver bar tape, and grey Continental tires.  It also had a Polar CS100 on it at the time it was stolen.  Oh, and the clincher, on one side of the fork it read "FUJ" instead of " FUJI ."
Bike #2: 2005 Fuji Team SL, aluminum frame, 56 cm.  All stock, as pictured. AT the time it was stolen, there was a Cateye computer on it.
2008 Fuji Tahoe 29 Pro, 21" frame, stock with the exception of a Fizik Arione seat (with an orange center stripe which had been covered up with black marker), and Stan's No-Tubes Crow tires.  Also, it had a pretty good scrape on the outside of the big chain ring, and it had a different brake disk in back.  It also had a mount and a speed sensor for a Polar computer. 

Bike #4:  Specialized Crossroads, XL, Maroon/Silver with black fenders

Bike #5:  1994 Bianchi Nyala, 19" frame, purple color, slick tires, luggage rack (no picture available)

Need some Apple Support

Stupid Apple. Yes I said Apple. I can't CALL you when it's my phone that I'm inquiring about being frozen. In my initial chat hello.. I specifically said I'd already tried searching the Apple online self help forums for help. Then Mr. Chat says well.. call our 1800 number... uhm hello? I wouldn't be chatting with you IF my phone worked. So heres the deal twitter: My iPhone 3G is FROZEN. The buttons work because I can see the volume go up and down and until I got a text message I could even hit the power off, but couldn't restart it because its the touch screen that is not responding to me. I'm sad and miss my lovely phone working. Anyone have any thoughts on what to do? It's not that I hate Apple - Quite the opposite actually, but I wish their online chat support was for SUPPORT and not just SALES. Lame Apple, way to not be there for me when I need you.

Your recent frien-emy, but still loyal fan (once my phone returns to working order)

Any thoughts? Please Twitter me @DesaraeV (oh and don't think I didn't think about going to the genius bar - my closest one is booked today)

Heres what I found to fix your FROZEN iPHONE or iPOD TOUCH:

God Bless YouTube!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Videos from desaraev6

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New Videos from desaraev6

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Videos from desaraev6

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New Videos from desaraev6

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Windows Commercials

 I think the new windows commercials look like a rip off of both iPhone Apps and a Verizon Commercial. What do you guys think?

As always you are more then welcome to use any of my content, repost it, rewrite it, and broadcast it all I ask is that you link back to where you found it (

I would also love to hear YOUR comments, questions or concerns of my posts and reviews! What do you think, its ok if our opinions don't match up! Leave a comment or let me know what you would like to learn more about and maybe it will become my next blog post or video blog.

Also don't forget to subscribe to my video tutorials (on youtube or itunes) as well as subscribe to my blog posts on here so you can have the latest web tips, tricks and book reviews delivered directly to your inbox!

Thanks for reading!

--Desarae A. Veit
Agency Couture

Monday, October 5, 2009

New rules from the government about posting online

New rules from the government about posting online: The Federal Trade Commission says that if your going to post or endorse a product on your blog or any where online you have to disclose what you're getting in return (money or a free item etc.). If you don't do this it may start with an order to comply and go as far as fines, but CNN thinks they are most likely to go after the advertisers because they are bigger and have more money.

What do you think about this?

Desarae A. Veit

Homeless vs. The American Girl Doll Issue: Side note where Homeless can Find Help

The plight of being homeless is nothing to scoff at, but as far as the American Girl Dolls issue goes- they are a company and that doll doesn't cost any more or less then the other dolls they sell. As a side note they have supported HomeAid for years (long before this controversial doll came out). So if they don't want to send all of the proceeds to homeless people, that is the American Girl companies choice and I fully support them in that.

Many Americans are only 1 pay check away from being temporarily homeless or poor. These are hard times where everyone should support each other. On the other hand Americans are notoriously lazy. I've offered homeless people food before (rather then the money they where begging for) and have been turned down on more then one occasion.  That is not to say that many American's are genuinely homeless or could have there lives changed by someone helping them off the streets, but how many are there by continued bad choices?

  • Free internet: The public library, dido on books.
  • Housing: HomeAid is a leading national non-profit provider of housing for today's homeless. The organization builds and renovates multi-unit homes for America's ...
  • Gyno/Feminine Checkup and Birth Control: Planned Parenthood
  • Homeless Shleter:
  • Soup Kitchens:
    • Homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and rescue mission directory for men, women, and children within United States and Canada. Salvation Army locators!
    • Welcome to The Soup Kitchen Restaurants & Catering. Where we've been offering Fresh Soups, ... Let the Soup Kitchen help you with all of your foods needs. ... 
    • The Capuchin Soup Kitchen serves the poor who suffer from the lack of basic human needs: material needs, such as food, clothing, and household necessities; ...
  • Get a Job:
    • (Article explaining the stigma and problems for homeless looking for a job)
    • National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
    • Job Interview Tips:
    • Dress a Homeless women for an interview:
      • Founded in 1996 it is now in 60 cities and four countries. Over 60,000 women have been dressed by this nonprofit group. Clients are poor women and those in temporary shelters. They get one suit for the job interview and a second suit when they get the job. Homeless shelter and other groups refer women to the program. The DRESS FOR SUCCESS sites in the United States and other countries are listed at this web address:

        This year March 17-24th is Clean Your Closet Week. There will be suit drives, events and fundraising parties in the 60 cities where there is a Dress For Success program. They are looking for donations of good, clean interview suits. Donations should be items you'd be proud to wear and not something out of style or showing wear. They accept coordinated, contemorary, interview-appropriate skirt and pant suits with matching blouses. They also welcome gorgeous blazers and jackets and new or nearly-new dress shoes. They have a special need for larger size clothes. All clothing and cash contributions are welcome and are fully tax deductible. Here is the web address to learn how to donate cash. There are also addresses where you can drop off your clothing donations.

Desarae A. Veit
Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.

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