Tuesday, July 15, 2008

86 of the TOP SEO TOOLS: Social Media, Alerts, Blog Tracking, Social Monitoring, PR, Copy Tools, Keyword, Linking, Page Rank, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, and Competitor Analysis.

So you are looking for a new SEO, Social Media, or PPC tool huh? Improve your site by using a combination of a couple of the tools from each of the bolded categories below. Here is a list of FREE and "Social Media, Alerts, Blog Tracking, Social Monitoring, PR, Copy Tools, Keyword, Linking, Page Rank, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, and Competitor Analysis" TOOLS you will have to pay for. This resource will help both search engine marketers and website owners get started down the search engine optimization path. If I find better tools I will update this list as soon as possible.

If you are an SEO newbie, don't forget to watch the following awesome videos to help get you started:

Qualities of a Good Site- Matt Cutts
Datacenter Comments- Matt Cutts
Optimize for Search Engines or Users - Matt Cutts
Top 20 SEO Tools -imt777
SEO 101 -Crackle

  1. Social Networks to Be Sure to Use (when it applys)
    Yahoo upcoming    keep track of conferences that you might want to attend, or sponsor or seminars competitors are holding         
  2. Wikipedia    Track page change history                 
  3. Google Video    Track negative video reviews on your products (youtube, metacafe etc) 
  4. delicious    Rss Feeds track keyword mentions                   
  5. Flickr    Track tags on competitors and your company name     
  6. Google News    track mainstream media mention                   
  7. digg
  8. reddit    popular news                   
  9. technorati    blog news                  

  10. RSS, track web, blogs, news and groups Alerts
    Yahoo Pipes    RSS tracking, complete with filters 
  11. Google Alerts    Via email: track web, blogs, news and groups
  12. Copernic's Tracker     $50, will let you keep an eye on any web site      
  13. Visual Site or RTAP (Visual Sciences)      
  14. Blog Tracking -Conversation
    expertcounter    blog statistics tracking  
  15. icerocket    blog Activity Over last 30 days  
  16. Google Blog Search    Blog News Tracking                   
  17. co.mments.com    Blog Comments Tracking                   
  18. Blog Pulse Trends    Blog Keyword Tracking     
  19. Social Networking Monitoring
    radian6    social media monitoring  
  20. buzz logic    tracks and measures influence  
  21. twist    twitter trends                   
  22. tweet volume    see how often a term is mentioned on twitter                   
  23. twitter spectrum    compare keywords/idea association   
  24. Tweetscan                       
  25. Blog Pulse    Track Conversation   
  26. BoardTracker    Forums and message boards tracking  
  27. Keotag.com     tracks "Tags" 
  28. MoreOver    Rss Aggregated Feed   
  29. techrigy    track conversations, reviews and positive/negative sentiment: blogs, wikis, microblogs like Twitter, social networks, embedded video  
  30. Press Release
    prlog.org/    Free online press release submission                   
  31. i-newswire    Free online press release submission     
  32. Multi-purpose tools
    HubSpot -new seo tool
  33. Copy Tools
    webconfs -web spidering tool- Shows you what your site looks like to the search engine spiders. This tool can definitely shed some light on why search engines aren't indexing your pages…or can help you avoid that problem before you launch a site.

  34. webmaster-toolkit -copy optimization tool- Looks over the URL you enter and determines its level of search engine friendliness

  35. Keyword Tools
    Webconfs -Keyword density cloud- Analyzes all the keywords in a given URL and gives a report of how many times they show up. All put together in a nice big keyword cloud!

  36. Google Trends    Find most search for keywords, narrow search to specific reagions. (great for seeing product appeal in areas)       
  37. Compete's Search Analytics     enter a keyword and see which web sites are getting traffic for that keyword                tracking the webstrategy of the campaign 
  38. trackur.com    costs money tracks keywords    
  39. Virtual Promotions -Keyword density analyzer- Another keyword density analyzer…without the cool cloud.

  40. Google Keyword Suggestion Tool -Part of Google Labs. Google suggests keywords as you type…and tells the number of search results for that keyword/phrase.

  41. SEOMoz                       
  42. Dogpile       -search engine tool                
  43. Wordtracker    -keyword tool                     
  44. Overture             -yahoo sem tool          
  45. webmaster tool -google standards for seo/sem                      
  46. live keyword    - keyword tool                   
  47. Google Adwords - Optimization tools, keyword tools, ppc (Adwords)
  48. marketleap     -keyword comparison tools , competitor research
  49. Hittail

    Link Tools

  50. Link Popularity Tool -Market Leap's famous link popularity tool. Will give you a report of how many back links there are to a given URL, which search engines have indexed the links and how you stack up to the rest of the web.

  51. Link Popularity Check-Different version of the above link popularity tool.

  52. Link Quality Assessment -One of my favorite link tools! Gives you a ton of information on a site's backlinks including inbound/outbound links, links from .edu and .gov sites, deep linking percentage and more!

  53. Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer -Finds all your links across the web and displays your anchor text for each of them.

    Page Rank Tools

  54. Check Page Rank -Quickly and easily check your Google Page Rank (PR).

  55. Future Page Rank Predictor -Predicts your future page rank for the next time Google updates it based on your site's current stats.

  56. Page Rank Tool -Another way to check your Google Page Rank…some are more reliable than others!

  57. WebTrends                         

  58. Omniture HBX                         

  59. Omniture Site Catalyst   

  60. Trellian   
  61.  SubmitWolf v7.0 - Automated Submission Tool # Rank Checker # Meta Tag Editor # PPC Bid Comparison # Keyword Manager (*) # Keyword Suggestion Tool # Keyword Density Analyzer # Keyword Explorer Reciprocal Link, Checker, Ranking Advisor, Link Popularity & Saturation Monitor, Google Site Map Generator, Server Header Check, Paid Inclusion Manager, Competitive Intelligence (*), ROI Calculator     
  62. Pay Per Click (PPC) Tools

  63. PPC ROI Calculator -Just plug in the numbers and see if your PPC campaigns are performing miracles or breaking the bank.

  64. Keyword Generator Tool -Helps you to find keyword phrases based on a given keyword that you enter - can offer effective suggestions for building your PPC keyword list

  65. Keyword Generation Tools -Enter your keyword and this sweet tool will wrap them in Broad, Phrase and Exact Match tags - the three types of keyword matches used in Google Adwords…a huge time saver!

  66. ClickTracks                         

  67. CoreMetrics                         

  68. Fireclick    

  70. Yahoo
  71. Ask
  72. Aol
  73. Google

    CJ - is a affiliate management site
  75. Search Engine Tools

  76. Search Engine Keyword Position -Gives you search engine rankings by keyword and URL.

  77. Keyword Analysis Tool -Analyzes the position of your site for given keywords and pairs them against the other top results.

  78. Search Engine Ranking Report -Shows you how your site stack up in the search engines for given keywords.

  79. Search Engine Spider Simulation -Another way to see how your web pages look to a search engine spider.

  80. URL Trends -Gives you page rank, incoming/outgoing links, alexa rank and more all in one report.

  81. Competitor Analysis

  82. alexa    Website activity comparison   
  83. Google Patent Search    RSS   
  84. oodle    Track when competitors are expanding (hiring)                   
  85. EdgarOnline    Track competitors SEC filings (stock-financial health)                   
  86. SeekingAlpha     Tracks public companies conference call transcripts   
Reference 20 Nifty and Free SEO TOOLS


David Alston said...

Great list Desarae. And thanks for the Radian6 mention too :-)

Anonymous said...

Copernic's Tracker is no longer maintained it seems. I'd suggest checking out UpdatePatrol (link) instead.


James (Release Wire) said...

Some great resources here. And why pay a fortune for paid press release distribution? It's only in the early stages right now, but I've set up a website offering all the advantages of the paid services, for free. In my opinion all the best things on the web (if not necessarily in life) are!

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