Monday, April 7, 2008

Further your career by being tech savvy or just learn a little about whats going on web wise

In today's world one of the best ways to stay on top of your game is to NEVER stop learning. Some go to college most of their lives, while others are self-taught, and others are just naturally adaptable and savvy so they can pick up things quickly. I doubt everyone is Einstein so for the rest of us self-teaching, tech savvy, education lovers I have put together a quick list of placing you can go to learn more (and why they are helpful resources) --this list is targeted to the advertising industry, but if your not in advertising just use this as a guideline for where to look for other industries because I believe it applies to most everyone from teachers to plumbers.

Anyone who wants to do their best and get ahead in their career please enjoy:

Microblogging, blogging, podcasting, webcast, video, online tv, news, presence platforms and social media/networking.

To follow whats happening around you in the world and in your industry in your industry will help you understand your peers, what co-workers are working on (and more importantly what standpoint they are coming from), whats will become mainstream popular trends or just popular fads, and how that will impact your business and the economy as a whole.

Today's Hot topics:

  • Recession
  • Podcast:Rocket Boom
  • Free online TV that is better organized then, and doesn't allow random users to put up boring videos so everything is more streamlined and not a YouTube nockoff.
  • The site does have some of the top YouTube Videos/Clips
  • Also showcases "Sunday Movies" basically most of the movies that are presently on their are not worth watching, but it does keep track of multiple popular networks and tv shows (which is EXTREMELY convenient and needs to become FASTER!)
  • Diggnation
    • For everyone who never gets online (or if your new to podcasting and social media) Diggnation is a podcast about the top "Diggs" from, a social platform that allows users to share content and rate it, Diggnation focuses on what has been shared the most or seems the most interesting and showcases it all in a short and funny clip-- Kevin and Alex if you end up reading this sorry this isn't that wonderful of an explanation, but I'm hoping most people know what is.
  • Branding with "new media" aka social/online platforms
    • Building custom niche platforms for brands that have deeper strategies to engage consumer loyalty, brand expression, and increase consumer loyalty/awareness.
    • Creating consumer evangelists to promote your platforms by creating someting that is unique and interesting.
    • See Porsche's Bloodline Campaign
    • Starbuck's idea boards and igoogle meeting planner
    • @Dell on twitter to inform tech gurus on deals
    • If your on I recommend following: @today show, @nytimes, @TechCrunch, @MattDickman, @macrumors, @rtm, @adfreak, @astonmartin, @risdall, @JasonCalacanis, @ivesdigital, @Scobleizer, @chrispirillo
    • These people either have wonderful insight on marketing, are doing something brand wise that is unique, or put out a lot of links that are useful.
  • Advertising to Target ideas and interest rather then broad target audiences
    • ie. Joey the skater, Molly the cheerleader, Dan the hippy, Evelyn the stay at home newly wed mom, and Cory the tech savvy internet guy all have three things as common interests they all watch heroes, cashmere mafia, and enjoy chocolate chip cookie doe as a snack.
    • vs. Joey and Molly are in highschool (ages 15-17), Dan and Evelyn geographically live in Orange County California and are in their mid-thirties, and Cory is in his twenties and otherwise has nothing in common with the other 4 examples. From a broad sense it would be hard to group this people together if we didn't know they all liked a certain genre and food.

    Social Media/ Networking ie. Myspace, Pownce, Twitter, and Facebook and the other sites that facilitate sharing of information.

    These site help streamline interaction with your clients, co-workers, and peers while offering you a platform of tools for collaboration and to share/learn indispensable industry knowledge that is relatively easy to find if you take the five seconds to look for it or in twitter's case ask for it.

    People with great blogs, famous, well set-up or informational Myspace pages, groups you should join on Facebook, and Sites you NEED to join:

    • Linkedin
      • A social networking site specifically designed for business networking and professionals of all industries.
  • sd
  • Facebook Group: Risdall Marketing
    •'s Agency group to connect with peers and learn more about whats happening in our SEM/SEO/Social Media side.
  • Merchant Circle-- For Branding your company and connecting with other companies.
  • Important Bloggers (note all of these people can be found on as well):
  • Long list of up and coming presence platforms and social media/networking. - live link on photos - comments, live links - group billboards - social bookmarking site - message board - profiles have links
    sphinn - live links
    tweako - socail bookmarking - fantastic site
    bloggoggle - not a bad site even if you havent heard of it
    couchsurfing - profiles have links - has some spam (reads off some of the live links) only one of the group like this (as of now) - sports based digg like
    qoolsqool - andy hagans (thanks) as some were taken from andy's presentation - like ball hype - religious - profile link - green community - profile links - getting more popular - pop celebrity - photos - pretty popular - -

    Social Bookmarking Sites:

    Content Rating: - site of the day
    hacker news - - everyone should be reading it. Its for web folks and should be read
    adobe showcase site of the day and - good source - spanish language and lots of traffic - great traffic if you can get on it - - bands and groups do well - profile pages if you do alot of edits on the wiki - very strong as of late - tag pages do well - rising star - channel and profiles - rate things and your profile could do well - very strong -

    Social Networking Sites

    Video Networking Sites

    Micellaneous Social Sites

    Wiki Sites

    Job Sites

    Organization Sites

    Tagging Sites

    Photo Sites

    Music Sites

    Political Sites

    Shopping Sites

    Program Sites:

    Feeds Sites

    Maps Sites


    Continuous presence with your blog and popular wikis in collaboration with HELPFUL marketing, design, social media, development work and PR information (or information that is relative to your field of experise).

    Today businesses are using these devices as informational sharing platforms (like I am doing know), tools to connect with consumers, and overall learning devices like wikipedia.

    How else do you think these can be used? Is there a deeper business application that can be applied with creative strategy? Do you know of any other platforms or tools that can be added to this list?

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