Thursday, August 21, 2008

Chat with craigkey about SMBMSP and SMHH

1:54 PM craigkey: hey :)
  g chat is easier for me than twitter...cause my phone keeps going off for d messages
1:55 PM me: sounds good
 craigkey: haven't played much with sniki yet...
 me: you know you can change your setting so it doesnt do that during work hours only
 craigkey: but i love the concept
  oh yeah! good idea. maybe i will
 me: plus you should add your blog to it ;)
 craigkey: seriously i wasn't trying to start shit--I'm pretty sure the smbmsp group is way more fun than that
1:56 PM add my blog to sniki?
 me: , (for companies who sell or use social media), and are all pages you might like
1:57 PM i didnt read your post
  what it say smb sucks?
 craigkey: nice!
 me: i only caught the part that said you were trying to get a rile out of me
 craigkey: no it didn't say anything bad about smb--it was just talking about the c
 me: c rivalry?
 craigkey: no. type-o
 me: what s that?
 craigkey: sec
2:00 PM me: oh.. nah... just that everyone keeps inviting me to lunch but i hate leaving work... i never leave.... so ... thought getting everyone together at once would be nice... and it would be completey different no speakers informal and just drinks and people talking (just like what happens AFTER every event)
 craigkey: for sure! i think it's a great caused a minor ripple: but like i said, all press is good press
2:01 PM me: lol

13 minutes
2:15 PM me: crap
  i didnt mean to make people mad.. just thought this would be a nice way to get together
2:16 PM i love tweetups
 craigkey: you didn't! seriously even @smbmsp says it's a good idea
  lindsi is being touchy--but she's the only one
  i feel like i just started a nasty rumor in the 7th grade or something!
 me: lol
2:17 PM ya... i just always feel like there is never enough time with people after events and that is one of my fav. parts
  i posted on happyhoursocial what i said to you.. kind of as a reply
2:18 PM craigkey: ok good. for sure--i didn't get to do much socializing at all at SMBMSP
  it was much more formal and HH is a great idea
2:19 PM your short url didn't work for me

10 minutes
2:30 PM craigkey: if you want me to stop i will...i really didn't think it would make waves. i just think it's really funny so i guess i'm still egging it on a bit :)

9 minutes
2:40 PM me: .....:( i didnt invite half of these peopel...
  not that i dont mind a few newbies
  just thought it would be more like a friend event not something lindsi would make cracks at
2:41 PM but now that weve started something im making the best of it .. so if you want to follow the thread of convo easier... happyhoursocial has friended everyone talking about it automatically and will have all the chit chat on its favorites

6 minutes
2:48 PM craigkey: i'm sorry--i really am! I totally didn't think anyone would notice my tweet--much less take it seriously!
  and it totally didn't mean to invite people to your thing--either.
  maya copa!
2:50 PM me: its ok... its just suppose to be friends and good times...
  wasnt anything related even to smb
2:51 PM craigkey: for sure

17 minutes
3:08 PM me: please help dowse the flames... @ a couple of them
3:09 PM so i can ignore twitter again
 craigkey: ok i will...i'm commenting on lindsi's blog now
  did you see it?

5 minutes

59 minutes
4:19 PM me: lol:Holy crap! Who would've guessed you inviting friends for drinks would have become a topic, a hashtag, and an SMB agenda item?
 craigkey: haha
  "all press is good press!"
  although in this case--i don't think you were looking for ANY press.
4:20 PM i think now everyone is cool.
 me: lol
 craigkey: lindsi and smbmsp both made it clear that they weren't out for blood
 me: i think somethings were blown outof proportion
  especially when people didnt look at facts first
  (not you)
 craigkey: my twitter has been blowing up!
 me: mine ironically hasnt
4:21 PM maybe i should have played the part of the instigator and blamed it all on you
 craigkey: totally!
  "craigsanatomy framed me!"
 me: lol Im tweeting that
 craigkey: nah you're still a social media rockstar. i'm still an unknown!
4:22 PM me: rockstar? nah
  barely known
 craigkey: we could start a mock rivalry between me and you...that would be kinda fun!
 me: im still saying you framed me ... for the laughs
  hehe that would eb fun
 craigkey: ok
 me: we can talk the whole time we are doing it too and post the chat later
 craigkey: k
4:23 PM me: i tweeted it heheh
4:25 PM craigkey: i hope people get my al franken/norm coleman reference!

21 minutes
4:46 PM me: they are going to hate me/you/or us
4:47 PM craigkey: what? no they won't
  why? i think everyone's laughing now
 me: lol
4:48 PM im laughing
4:50 PM craigkey: good! me too :)
4:52 PM ok i think i'm done brutally attacking your character
 me: lol
  I just sent you one
  im done too peace to all and to all a good night
 craigkey: twitterfox is so slow!
  ok have fun at alphabet...won't make it.
 me: im excited for alphabet bash... also forewarning im blog posting this
4:53 PM craigkey: haha ok that's fair!
  just keep my email address off
 me: deal
 craigkey: have a good night!

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craigsanatomy said...

Ok, so this was officially the strangest/funniest thing to happen to me and a group of people who I (for the most part) hardly know!

But what I'm even more curious to know many people actually cared enough to read this entire IM thread?

Geez--we ARE geeks.

I love you all (world).

Thanks for the entertainment (desarae, lindsi, smbmsp, malbiniak, etc)

craigsanatomy said...

And another thing :)

Ok...I should also apologize to @lindsi who I reffered to as "touchy" at one point. After all the dust settled, lindsi was the one who facilitated this discussion--and I think I had wrongly read into her initial posts as being defensive.

Oh boy--sarcasm gets me in too much trouble!

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