Saturday, November 8, 2008

"FREE-lancing" Doesn't mean I work for FREE.

I've noticed on more then one occassion young companies not appreciating proper talent, and often asking for students to do their work for free. (I've actually found a couple of pretty awful posts recently on craigslist from people who don't appreciate talent, hard work, and the college degree you pay for with good work.)

I've also seen friends ask friends to work for free (nothing wrong with this), but soon realize that is how their friend makes their living and time is money. Money is what keeps peoples mortgage payments on time. There fore working for free is mostly impossible. Although I've done it on occassion, but more as a good will gesture to and mainly on discount, and less for free. (This doesn't mean I NEVER do work for free. I've done work for both charities and family for nothing more then a smile.)

So in retrospect I've put a wonderful list together of WHY I enjoy owning my own marketing/design/developement/social media/research/strategy business aka freelancing.

The upside to working from home (in no definate order):

  • Happy hour could potentially be ANY HOUR, as long as you don't miss meetings and get your work done. (Emphasis on get your work done.)
  • Pajama Mondays and all other days that end in Y, as long as you leave for meetings and social networking events in more appropriate attire. (preferably something classy that you would be comfortable wearing to sunday church or an interview - this doesn't mean I never get dressed.)
  • You have your tooth brush nearby after breakfast, lunch and dinner -- oh and working at your desk is very OPTIONAL. Also you don't have to leave the office for lunch to get away from the one or two annoying co-workers.
  • Your office naturally can and will look as nice a you would like. No cubical living for you, my freelancing friends.
  • Nothing is worse then working for a company who prides themselves in being the one place that is political bullshit free, and one month in realizing they are sooo full of shit you can smell it a mile from their offices.
  • Bonus of being your own boss--- pc bs or not.. you're boss is hot, stylish, and tech savvy in his/her pjs. That would be you ;)
  • Working for yourself, you can take breaks anytime you need to. AGAIN --you still have to get your work done. So break time is NOT 24/7.
  • Lunch meetings can be anywhere, and run late without the fear of answering to someone else (or being the last person back from lunch).
  • You are the boss. You can juggle as many clients as you can psychologically handle, or hire help when needed-- without asking for permission.
  • No fear of getting laid off, but you do still have to keep your clients happy. (you're clients CAN and WILL fire you if you slack off or don't attend to their needs)
  • No worries about cleaning up after the last person who had your job, made all your clients unhappy, and now are a little skiddish about the new kid. As a freelancer you meet your clients, get to know them like friends (professionally), and have the opportunity to keep them happy. Although their can be ups and downs, it's a great feeling to know that you may predict their needs and try to prevent any troubles.
  • You CAN, but generally should not... wake up at 9 a.m.vs. 7 or 8. (Think of what you could do with the two hours you slept in)
  • No yearly review. Although their is monthly client reports.
  • You only have your self to blame for extreme success or horrid failure.
  • No long commute, awful bus trips with smelly neighbors, or hitting rush hour.
  • You are less likely to forget something you need at the office... or if you do forget it.. it should only be inches away.
  • Your schedule may be incredibly busy with work, but at the drop of a hat you can take any vacation you can afford. Wifi willing your at home working situation could be beach or resort side.
  • You get paid to do what you love. Working in an office or from home. You are getting paid to do what you love. (And I love what I do)

Don't get me wrong I've worked for a couple of agencies (and loved it), places I've hated, and corporations that had an amazing and forward looking attidute. Work as with life, is all about what you make of it. These are just a few random reasons I'm enjoying working as my own boss. Believe me their are many more, and sometimes just as many reasons I sometimes consider job hunting. (Although not recently)

Working with people is great, agency atmospheres can be fun, and some corporations can be open minded, others are synical and can leave an awful taste in your mouth. Make the most of whatever working situation you choose.


Anonymous said...

wow, you really are an idiot, I've heard from others but this is horrible, I'd never hire you with this 'shitty' attitude as you like to put it.

desaraev said...

In response to the one liner calling me an idiot for this post:

That's your opinion, but if your going to leave me hate mail-- you should not leave it as annonymous. I wouldn't want to work for anyone who would call me an idiot anyway, especially since I'VE NEVER MET YOU, and your too much of a loser to confront me personally. (It's not like it's hard to find me... I am on thousands of social networks.)

Good luck with your wholier then thou attitude. Next time you want to leave a grumpy note on my blog, try using constructive critism rather then calling names. I don't think I said anything that is wrong here, unless your the loser trying to extort money from talented college students who don't know any better then to have you pay them less then a quarter of what they are worth.


gveit said...

Nice come back to a very nasty comment. said...

What exactly did she say that was so "idiotic"? All I see are a list of the pros and cons of being a freelancer. Some people like working for their selves. I know I do-that's why I started my own company.

I would like to know what you find so horriable in this article. contact me via clicking on my name-since I am willing to post mine...

Josh J said...

As a fellow freelancer I've really got to question your ability or business sense on making it on your own. When your top 3 bullet points suggest you could crack open the tequila at 10 am, potentially haven't showered for a week (unless of course you have to meet the occasional client), and your toothbrush being nearby as your top 3 reasons for starting up your own business then I wish you all the success you can muster out with that work ethic. Maybe stick with doing what you love as the only reason to go out on your own.

Long lunches, numerous breaks, and vacations at the drop of the hat are fine if you can actually put in the time to get your work and administrative obligations done. Remember, you only have yourself to blame for your success or failure.

I wish you luck, but I just fear for the freelancer that has to clean up after you.

desaraev said...


Let me just clarify: If you read the book from my latest post it would all make more sense as she says similar things.

Anyone who knows me also knows I'm not much of a drinker, let alone busting out any tequila. I'm more of a desert wine drinker and I rarely drink that.

As for showering, gross, and yes I shower. I also attend 90% of all MIMA, AdFed, and Social Media Breakfast meetings. I'm sure all can attest for my attire and smell. (no matter how odd that may seem, I am not the lazy arse you seem to have taken me for)

After my break post I also said you still have to get your work done. I don't know where in their that said I spend 90% of my day not working?! I wouldn't have any happy clients, which was also one of the bullets. So to also varify: my lunches are short, my breaks just happen to be when I need them and I generally work from 8:30 AM to 11:30 PM.

No one needs to clean up after me. I am plenty busy and my clients are all happy. Thank you.


craigsanatomy said...

I'm going to have to admit that Pajama "Y" days are pretty much the norm since I started working from least until Noon (unless I'm meeting with clients-then I'm squeaky clean).

I will say that pajama's don't affect my productivity, but running out of coffee does! I miss my old office, and their constant supply of starbucks in the kitchen.

Dre said...

If you have haters, you're doing something right.

I liked this post, but I think you should be nicer to your haters, since your haters are there to make you look good. said...

@thehaters: She gets money. She is successful. Why get on her personal views and habits when she is living her life?

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