Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Technology and Men Are Very Similar. Why Customer Service is Very Important.

Over the past month or so I've been considering life-casting or doing video blogging to teach people about tech (cause lets face it writing takes for ever and I hate editing).  So this post is going to be all about finding the right camera, some complaining and funny analogies. Disclaimer for Dad, the elderly and anyone offended easily... normally I would say my posts are pretty g rate.. and this one is more pg 13 so skip it or take it with a grain of salt.
 I have a great friend, @Kraabel who has loaned me a fabulous camera by Sony, but now I'm going through the arduous task of learning how to use it. Little cables are being discovered (by me for the first time) like what does a dv cable look like with a firewire end (not an actual question I know what they look like- now).

  I discovered that the memory card, video tape and usb cable that come with the camera will not allow me to stream video onto my Mac (damn PC friendly products that don't cross over) so now I am checking in my large box of cables to see if I have a DV/Firwire cable (I don't).
Seeing if I  My first thought was to ask a friend if I can buy it at walgreens or the grocery store--
  have the
they are open late and I'm already awake and hyped on caffiene (we decided the proper
  proper cablescables where probably either not at those types of stores or very expensive there). This just makes me very annoyed with Sony for developing a product that is not ready to use. I read through their manuals and spent an hour on Sony's support chat before being able to properly determine this information
 "Random thought from me while typing this: HELP ME! 'cuz the tech support is a driving me caaarrraaazy" -- Don't worry by the time you read this I would have solved all of this (I hope).

tech supports
If you work After what seemed like forever on Sony tech support chat: I felt like  a child
for tech because of the way the customer service talked to me. She/He seemed nice enough, but 
  support (after many failed attempts and pleads) to have "Jamie" talked to like I'm five so I could
  PLEASEunderstand him/her (not sure if Jamie is a boy or girl so for purposes of this story Jamie
  talk so I can is going to be a girl from here on out). For anyone who sells technology, gadgets or just
understandloves Sony and/or cameras this may seem a bit ridiculous but the things I got hung up on where small.. like questions about "How many pins does my firewire port have?" I described my computer and she just told me to go talk to Mac support and come back.  So I did (in a manner of speaking ask a Mac expert-- a really good friend of mine is an Apple genious/fan boy). He told me the difference between ports and what kinds each mac has and then told me that a Mac G4 (he knows my computer) has both a 400 and 800 Firewire port-- or at least mine does.
Well thats exciting for me, I guess. (Ms. Jamie never did explain why this was so important)

Tech Support Lost in Firefox failure
DARN YOU After close to an hour (or a century in women time) sitting on the computer with
my belovedmy Sony expert: Firefox crashed and the annoyingly un helpful tech support person G4 forwent with it (this is just me being bitter, she was fairly lovely and knowledgeable just SLOW).
crashing. I decided life is too short to sit on that chat window and explain my woes to a whole new tech support helper.
    I do however seem to have a million firewire to usb cables. So in one hopeful moment
Getting I hoped my Mac/Apple genius could tell me if I could be like a tech handyman (I Creative realize how lame this makes me sound but its mostly for effect) and  if I can
 connect the camera to my mybook using the usb and then use the firewire out to transport the information through the mybook.
  Long story short: He laughed, laughed more and then said No no and no.  They are two completely incompatible technologies. Second you can't pass through a HD what you're seeing on a MyBook.  
My bad Dad, Grandma, Clients and people with no sense of humor: Ignore this part of the
somewhat story.
funny The bad, the poorly trained, and the slow customer service of the world: Give me
analogy to patience because this just frustrates me (again take with a grain of salt-- we are all
explain thehuman and I know this, but it wouldn't be a proper venting session if I wasn't bruteally
long story here honest, right?) All simply because I can't get a camera to work (which I realize is largely my fault for not being super savvy with this type of equipment).
 The odd comparison revealed -- My friend thought this was funny and insisted it goes into this post-- the only reason it is here, so go easy on the negative comments:Its like being with a man who's not satisfying or can't/refused to get it up.I have the camera (equiptment).
It (the camera) has the ability to work and make a video.
  but instead of just working.. he (the camera)
  has to be all complicated and wants extra wires that did not come with the kit (no comparison here- viagra?)
  Instead I don't have the proper equipment to do the job and my video goes un-taped.
  Leaving me unsatisfied, pissed and annoyed.

  In conclusion: Technology and men are very similar. Customer service is very important.
 Random request to savvy tech-inventors: Always include batteries with your products (if needed). Include any necessary wires. Please invent one cord to rule them all. I just want one almighty cord that goes from my computer... to my phone.. or camera.. or any other device and it is an almighty omni-working cord that both charges said extra device... and streams.. all kinds of information including video.. and audio.. and anything else I want. Please also sell this cord for less then $20.
Witty retortFrom my all knowing-tech savvy Apple genius in response to the cord request: lol
  Lol again.
  Their is said Cord.
  Its called USB and its the international Standard
 Cable recommendation from my Mac friend:
  Thats the cable I need.
12:03 AM Me so wanty that cord likey right now.
 My Mac friend's response:
  Both Micro center and FirstTech (in uptown Minneapolis) would have the cord I want.
  FirstTech opens at 8:30 A.M....and have em show you that Web cam while your there (recommendation for when Mike wants his lovely Sony back -- that despite my learning deficit I'm very pleased and grateful he loaned me)
8:04 AM 
 me: If i can get this camera to work though i dont need a web cam (for now) but I'm sooo amped about my new blog-podcast tutorial idea... that I'm headed to get that cord I need! (Note the time this blog post was posted-- I'm saying I'm going to do this an hour from now. HA to everyone who thinks I can't do mornings! -- Frankly they are mostly right)
  From my Tech friend again: First Tech has the webcam Im gonna suggest to you On display and you could buy it there but I bet you could find it cheaper online:
  Go their to check it out

So if you are still with me after that big rant, stay tuned for the upcoming video tips!

I would also love to hear YOUR comments, questions or concerns of my posts and reviews! What do you think, its ok if our opinions don't match up! Leave a comment or let me know what you would like to learn more about and maybe it will become my next blog post or video blog.
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Thanks for reading!

--Desarae A. Veit
Agency Couture

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