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Facebook 101 Series: Overview

    Ranked #4 by Alexa in highest traffic Rating beaten only by Yahoo, Google,     and Youtube. So not only is facebook for fun but also a fantastic marketing     tool.
    Step one
Profile Setup
    -Privacy Settings
    -Notifications (email, Phone)
    -Interests (this edits the ads you receive, and since most friends aren't going     to look at this I recommend doing this based off that)
        -Unless your set to private everyone can see your profile picture
    Passwords, credit card, email, and other admin is under account settings
    -The box under profile picture: good for note about who you are, contact info     on business pages or just random comments about your life or a joke...
Vanity url
Deactivate your account
    Select a reason
    You can later reactivate it using the same email you originally signed up with
        you will only lose your groups.. yes facebook keeps your info.. forever
Credit Card
    Only needed for gifts and Ads is under settings/manage cc
Join Networks
    Settings / Account /Networks
    Limited to 60 days so get it right the first time
    Will allow someone you are not friends with to see basic information of you
-Status Updates
    Much like twitter can be about anything
    -Includes everything going on with you: photos, status updates, notes, links,     videos etc.
    -Wall-to-wall conversations (remember others can see this if you want it         private use facebook email or real email... or pick up the phone)
    -Wall to wall so you can see just a thread of two people
    -You can NOT mediate wall posts before they are added, but you can get     emails and text messages when someone writes on your wall
    -Facebook only lets you write on your friends' walls
    -Applications can post to your wall unless you go into account settings and     change this. So if you play games regularly changing this might be good to     prevent annoying your friends.
    There is no way to delete your entire wall posts at once.
    -what to post: business updates, fun trips, what your doing, useful articals
-News Feed
        -Keeps you updated on friends, pictures and more
        -You can set up groups to be able to section friends out in chat and in         your newsfeed
        -Don't spam people's walls. If your account has been hacked, change         your password. Spam means going on other peoples walls and being         self promoting.
        -If you don't want to see one particular person in your news feed you         can set it up to have them in a special group or not see them at all,         this is better then unfriending your friends. (I'm one of those prolific         few that you may want to set this up for if you dont want to see me all         the time.. because lets face it.. I'm not going to shut up.)
        -Removing stuff from newsfeed (invisible just scroll over the item on         your wall and click remove)
    -Key Groups to join
    Great for non-profits and networking events
    MAx 300 Groups you can join
-Business Page
    -Twitter Streaming
        including comments, clicks, and page views.
    -Add Value, Send relevant messages (if your a restaurant invites to events, if     your a marketer send tips but don't abuse this and only do it at max once a     week)
    -Events (then advertise)
    -add to page favorites -  (cross marketing your companies)   
    -Wall sesttings (just you or you and fans)
    -Suggest to friends
    -Ranking of notes (like)
    -market products and add pictures with descriptions
    -Post package deals
    -share surveys to gain credibility
    -post upcoming events and webinars, conferences or programs
-Fan Page
    Great for non-profits and networking events
    -If you have over 100 members you get a vanity plate
    Member officers (good for clubs)
Fan box
    To use on your blog or website
    Facebook fanbox wiki
    For Friends (group events are under groups or pages)
        -Sell Items
        -Buy Items
        -Find an Apartment
        Post Job listings or search for them
        -where market place is located
        -Facebook Ads (ad or promote a page)
        -Get Started
        -Choose Who you want to target, country, demographics, keywords         (facebook will give you recommendations), workplaces, political             views, relationship status
        -6billion + on facebook over the age of 18 so the more targeted the         better
        -Step 3 is create your add. Make the title catchy, a statement or             something that talks directly to the person is great, proactive words         are great, short and to the point, then add a photo that relates to your         topic
        -Facebook will let peoples friends know when a person visits your ad         which will broaden your social graph and is a nice add on to facebook
        -Step four you get to choose your ads, type and price (you can go as         low as a penny per click or pay per views)
        -Then you get to review your ad and place order or change your ad
        -Add your credit card and billing information then click place order
        -Review all your campaigns       
        -Checkout your daily stats and click through rates to review how             effective they are
        -Click on individual ads to get specific information
        -Note that once your ad is set up you can not change the targeting or         copy, without deleting it and starting over
    You may want to connect with Fb influencers
    Search tips, keywords
    organizing between pages vs. people
-Connect other networks
    -(facebook now owns friendfeed) expect to see it integrated over time
Facebook Beacon
    -Beacon works by allowing affiliate websites to send stories about actions you take to     Facebook.
Facebook Connect
    -Users can use their existing Facebook profiles to login to a site
    -As a site owner facebook can tell you how many of the users friends are using     your site
    -you get to advertise on facebook for free (wall)
    -use the facebook wiki to learn more about facebooks anatomy
    -download the sample code
    -enable the developer application
    use instructions from the wiki for set up
    then insert your api key and test code on your demo site and connect to facebook
    -from a user standpoint you get to auto share information (digg, youtube, etc)
    -great for lifestreaming
    -tag people
    -Finding Photos again (the bottom left)
    Make profile picture
        -scroll over current picture or use an albumn go to that page then click         make profile picture at the bottom right
    -Create a slideshow on facebook with your photos
    -Optimize your photos with links to relevant websites, photographers and tag     friends
    -Family Tree
    -Ninja or Pirate Games
    N for more
    -Finding Friends
        Using email
        Using im
    Search for friends
        -Anyone -use the search facebook icon
        -for a classmate or coworker friend finder or people you amy know         and use the list of schools and employers youve listed
    -add a personal message
    -get rid of the verification letters that your human setup mobile settings
    Accepting friends
        -friend requestions under home in upper right, add friend
    -Related friends (people you may know)
        -Not the place to add random people you do not know, twitter yes,             facebook no.
    -"Thank you for the friend request, I look forward to getting to know you. Drop     by my page and keep in touch."
    -cap is 5000?
    -Recommend Friends
    Remove a friend
        -view all or go to their page via search
        -scroll to bottom
        -bottom left remove from friends
    How to Block Friends
    How to set up limited profiles and restrictions
    -before traveling check look up people in the area and business contacts to     let them know youll be in town
    -research prospects before meeting them
    -upload your contact list from your email client
    -if you lost your phone download a list of phone numbers or start a group to
    get the ones you lost
    -find guest experts in your field to invite for your blog
    Will be posted on there wall and in a gift box (free and paid gifts are just little     charms and random ways for fb to make money)
    -Keep under a hundred people
    -Key for privacy settings
    -Great for organizing events (one time) otherwise have a group
        -Recommended lists:
        -People you don't know (if your semi-famous or famous) maybe do a         group instead? or people who want to network with you maybe             recommend linked in or twitter to
        -Real Friends
        -Online only friends (maybe block from seeing photos of your kids)
        -Coworkers (don't get caught with bad photos or lying about a sick             day)
        -Family (depends on how cool your family is)

Privacy Settings
    Be invisible (unsearchable)
    Be Public
    Make Limited profiles
    news feed and wall privacy
Mark Zuckerberg
    Online offline
    Does not save archives yet
    -Don't mass spam or email.. if your going to do that alot set up a group or you     can get kicked off
    -If you email people you don't like or don't know, even if you block them they     will be able to see your profile for 30 days after that, so do this with caution
    Fan Pages
    Finding official pages (validity - website google search)
Protect yourself from Facebook Piracy
    Don't click on email links
    Make your passwords unique
    Change your password at least yearly

Facebook Manners
    Don't post embarrassing photos of other people (at least without there         permission)
    Be descrete when posting messages on  other peoples wall
    Don't breakup with someone online
    Don't make fun of people or start hate groups
    Don't Spam your friends via email, wall posts or links (this can get you kicked     off fb)
    Don't Spam add people (this can also get you banned from facebook)
    IF you are a company don't set up a profile for a company use business         pages (this too can get you kicked off fb.)

Birthday Reminders
    Be a good friend and say happy birthday on someones wall

Promoting your facebook
    -use memes, badges, images and links on your site or other social networks
    -include a url in your email signature and business card
Don't replace your facebook friends with real friends.

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Thanks for reading!

--Desarae A. Veit
Agency Couture

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