Thursday, September 17, 2009

Twitter Tips: How to Tweet, Twitter Etiquette, and How to Brand your Twitter Account

Branding yourself on Twitter
How to set up your twitter account and setings.
Short Video Recap:
  • Customize your Name
    Customize your name, it is what represents you and what people see you every time they see you. Don't make it sexual and no numbers. Make it easy to type on a phone, not too many symbols. Business names, your name and the city or state you live in are all good.
    Don't forget to edit your settings.
    Change your "Location" to your city, state, and or country. This is used on search tools, to find friends, and many apps use this to sort you. Lots of people look at your bio and profile to determine if they want to follow you. So be as thorough as possible.
  • Twitter Picture
    Make sure you add a picture. It brands you and makes you memorable. Use your face or company logo. It's good to keep it consistant across all social networks.
    Bio: Add what you do, what your company services are, and keywords you would use for SEO. This represents who you are and what you do. People look at this when determining if they want to follow you.
    Links: If you don't have a company site use linkedin or facebook.
    Customize your background. Make it professional. Cross brand it to match your website if you are a company.
    When sending out links use a url shortner to save space. is great because it is simple to use but also tracks your clicks for you.
    Updates: Track your updates with Google Alerts,, Techrigy, Radian6 this will help you manage your reputation and find out what people are saying about you.
    Use Hashtags: Hashtags are anything with # a Topic example: #desaraesvideos
    Use tools to manage reading tweets. Like RSS: Really simple syndication. You can use Google Reader
    If you want to Schedule tweets you can automate your tweets with Tweet Later or Hootlet.
    Hootlet also lets you manage multiple accounts and send messages from multiple accounts at the same time.
    If you are a business, don't set your account to private.
    RT stands for Retweet
    Share good content.
    Tweet Memes let people find you and your information.
    Don't expect all companies and celebrities to follow you back. IF you are not famous, follow people back so they can DM you.
    Answer peoples questions so that you can join in the conversation.
    Add links to your social networks onto your business sites so you can validate those accounts and get more followers in the process.

Tips on How to Use Twitter in Business
Short Video Recap:
  • How to monetize Twitter:
    Tweet about coupons, giveaways, customize your background, link twitter from your site, or use sponsored tweets.
  • Brand your twitter identity. 
  • Mention news, blog posts, and events related to you on your twitter account. 
What is Twitter? How To Use Twitter.
Short Video Recap:
    Twitter is a mass text messaging service that you get 140 characters or less to tweet with. 
  • You can send messages out via the internet (, SMS - Text message, or from applications.
  • Messages sent from twitter are called "TWEETS"
  • What can you text about?
    ANYTHING. Preferably not about your food though. Try to be relevant. Join in the conversation. Think of it like a cocktail party.. it would be rude to only talk about you. So promote yourself and your followers. Talk about you, or your business... or both. 
    WATCH THE (OTHER) VIDEO ON THIS TO LEARN MORE. Brand yourself online. Customize your account.
    If you are a business use your twitter as a customer service tool. If you are not a business.. use  twitter to get answers.
  • Don't mass spam or mass follow people.
  • Promote your company, blog posts, urls etc.
  • If you have a lot to say don't write 5 twitter posts.. get a blog, write a post, then link to that.
  • Ask questions. When you get an answer, let everyone know. 
  • Twitter is a great way to get a new audience for your brand. 
  • You can use it as a journal or use it to connect with tools you use already like Remember the Milk. Remember the Milk is a task management tool.
  • DM stands for Direct Message. You can do this by typing d desaraev (d space the username)
  • You get out of twitter what you put into it.
How to Get More Twitter Followers: Basic Twitter Etiquette
Short Video Recap:
  •  This post was because of @poetryinverse
  • This is not how to spam people
  • How to get more twitter followers.
  • Getting more followers is easy. Getting people to care is hard.
  • Don't just live on twitter. Have a life and share it with people via your social networks. Twitter was meant to be mobile. Go to events. Be part of your industry so you have something to talk about.
  • Use twitter etiquette. I made another video about this.
  • I made a social media 101 ebook:
  • Use your other social networks as a springboard, mention your twitter account on your facebook account. Cross reference. Mention twitter on your website and on your email signature. This authenticates your account and gets you more followers.
  • Having good content and being useful and relevant will not only get you more followers but ones who are interested and stick around.
  • RT other peoples posts and interesting comments. IF you liked it, chances are so will your followers.
  • Use hashtags for events, topics etc.
  • Create or promote twitter tools you like. You can advertise on twitter tools like tweetie or twitterific. You can also advertise on facebook.
  • Providing good content can also be using twitter as a customer service venue. Wellsfargo, Zappos and Comcast already do this.
  • Contests are a great way to get more followers. Do giveaways. Nothing like bribing people to pay attention.
  • If you ask questions. Once you get a few answers share those.
  • Don't be afraid to be controversial. Not abrasive. Just not afraid to share your opinions.
  • Use tweet memes if you are a blogger.
    • Don't mass spam or mass follow and then unfollow.
    • Don't send out messages to get people to take a quiz or be your zombie/ninja friend.
    • Don't hire someone to get you followers... they are not social media experts. REAL experts would teach you to find your voice and make a strategy to provide good content. The followers will come.
    • Don't over post. If you have a lot to say that is what a blog is for.
    • Don't use twitter as an IM service.
    • Don't talk about your food.
  • Every tweet counts and is the difference between an unfollow and a butt load of new followers.
  • Why are your followers following you? Entertainment, information, a debate, or something else? What do they get out of that? Figure that out and you will have a nice start to knowing what your strategy and voice should be.
How to Find or SEARCH for Twitter Followers (even if you forgot their names or username)
Short Video Recap:
  • Oh twitter how I love tweeting.
  • How to look up your fellow followers if you forget their names. It happens alot. Especially if your username is hard to type, too long, or has too many symbols or numbers.
  • Go to find people (next to the settings link at the top of the page).
  • Use google. Type the persons name, username, what you think the name is and the word twitter: example: Desarae Twitter or Desaraev and twitter
  • You can also use then look up something they recently talked about.
  • Click on the followers button to see EVERYONE following you.
All the Twitter videos:

If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or a topic you would like me to talk about. Please let me know! Don't be afraid to be brutally honest. You can find me at or

Happy Tweeting!

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