Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Apple Wishlist + iTunes

I'll start this post off right by saying I love Apple. I'm more of a Google Fan Girl, but my phone loyalties lie with my iPhone (until the next latest and greatest comes out). That being said this post is not an Android or Nexus One vs. iPhone features debate. It's about a list of features that wouldn't take much for Apple to implement that I've been hoping for.

  • Their is a genius bar for this, that and everything but my podcasts. I want iTunes to recommend new podcasts for me via genius for podcasts. -- Amy S. Bryant mentioned this on twitter on January 22, 2010 and I can't stop wishing it existed.
  • I love listening to podcasts every morning on my iPhone and don't plug my phone into my computer every day. So I don't want to save those on my phone. I like listening to them directly from my phone and wifi. That being said I listen to more then one after another. I wish that I could save my iTunes store searches, or just have the podcast auto upload a new podcast to my iPhone for me and delete the old (the same way my computer does).
  • I'm an organization freak. I have 11 pages of applications to keep organized. Not every page is full. I like organizing each page by a "category" but if I have to upgrade my apps it moves everything around. I wish that it would just save their spots for me. Not play a game of shuffle your feet, lose your seat. Folders or actual page categories wouldn't be too much either, just saying.
  • Android let's users "tryout" applications for 24 hours for FREE before you have to purchase an application. With all the BAD applications that exist, this would be a nice feature. I think it would also be good for sales, because after the 24 hours if you don't remove the application Android auto purchases it for you. 
  • I know that you, Apple, keep a lot of sleeper features just sitting there. Just give them to me, especially video capabilities. Anything that phones had 5 years ago, I deserve to have now. Yes, I know 3GS has video and I know I can sort of have a dirty web cab style video by using the Ustream application, but it is not the same. 
  • I don't want to pay for turn by turn directions. Yes, this exists but AT&T makes you pay $10/month. Lame move AT&T. 
  • Stop blocking Google Voice's application, I don't care if it pisses off AT&T. Transparency clearly isn't a game either of you play, but it's going to bite AT&T in the ass when iPhone is available on ANY other carrier. I will move and I'm sure hundreds of others will do the same.
  • You are allowed to tether internet in other countries. I want to do it here. Tethering works like a MiFi to allow you to receive your 3G internet onto your computer. I know AT&T will never approve because they are already trying to plan schemes to get us smart phone users to use less internet and talk time. Roughly 3% of its customers make up 40% of the traffic for AT&T.
  • I want to be able to stalk my phone if it gets stolen.  Police can do this. AT&T has this capability but I think they don't let you do it to help phone sales. I want to be able to stalk it even if someone resets all my features. I lock my phone so I'm not worried about them getting my information, but I'm paranoid.
  • Flash on my iPhone. I have a sneaky suspicion this is an AT&T thing. Flash would mean I can watch things like Hulu on my phone. Which would definitely take up more 3G bandwidth. 
  • I want the default alarm clock to work with my iTunes. This exists in application form, but would be nice to just come on my phone. I don't like the options that exist. Option B. Pandora alarm clock.
  • Wish my battery lasted longer. This might be greedy, but this is MY wish-list. If you don't like it, make your own.
  • I wish Apple TV worked with the internet. Keep in mind this whole wish list is assuming I don't have to do any crazy hacking to make these things work. You can hack a lot of your devices to make these things work, but that also makes your warranty invalid. Think Boxee.
  • I want apple iDisk and Mobile me to work more like Dropbox. It sort of does this now, but I want it to be able to save all my back of files a little more seamlessly. Other options are Crash Plan and Super Duper!
  • I wish had a side portion of its site (maybe along site the refurbished products) for other peoples used apple products. Like craigslist or Listia for apple. Maybe apple even fixes them or at least looks over them and tells you what is wrong with them and how much you would have to pay to fix it or if they are just good for parts.
I'm sure I have many others, but this is the start of my Apple wish list. Do you agree with it? What would you add to this list? Thanks for reading.

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Thanks for reading!

--Desarae A. Veit
Agency Couture

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