Wednesday, March 3, 2010

There is always someone worse off then me. So here is my story, the one I didn't want to tell. {Desarae A. Veit | DesaraeV}

I've been avoiding telling this story, mostly out of my own discomfort, but also because I didn't (and still don't) want anyone's pity or to have to talk about this anywhere past this blog post (minus a few friends.. you know who you are). Plus, I fully realize that there are many women, men and children who are much worse off than I am. Please take this for what it is, an explanation to my story so that I don't have to tell it more then once.

At the beginning of February I went into the NIP clinic because I found a lump in one of my breasts, we found nothing to panic about. Quickly after we found some abnormal cells in my PAP (the yearly lady goodies test). I ended up getting a biopsy the next week, where we discovered I had a fairly rare form of pre-cervical cancer.

Onto the next step...Park Nicollet for more tests. My wonderful and amazing Dr. Argenta then recommended I need something called a biopsy. This semi-painful, out-patient procedure involved cutting out a witch hat shape of my cervix. The cervix is one of our lady parts that holds a baby inside of a woman during pregnancy. I wanted more then anything to hesitate on this, but really there are no other options but to get one of these done and find out what is next. Trust me, the waiting and the needles are the worst part. The next step is bleeding non-stop for nearly two weeks and counting. The bonus is they give you Perkiset, which makes you drowsy but not feel pain. I don't have time for drowsy, so have avoided it.

So here are the facts:
  • I don't have health insurance because I can't quite afford it, which seems like an oxymoron now.
  • I have a few talents: building websites, business strategy/social media and getting people together for events.
  • I work for myself and although my agency is small we do great work and I am proud of my team! 
  • We make enough to pay basic bottom-line bills, but certainly unexpected and random LARGE medical expenses have proven very difficult for all of us.
Knowing the above aforementioned facts, I quickly managed to develop two ways to solve my overwhelming and ridiculous medical bill problem.

I applied for medical financial aid; however found out if you make over $30K/year you don't qualify. I am certainly not growing money trees and my employees depend on me paying them as well to make ends meat.

I'm still waiting to find out about the financial aid, but I'm not very good at waiting so I wanted to dive in and be proactive.  I know these bills need to be paid immediately and I know with my current income I have no chance of paying them off and paying my employees. I've maxed out my credit cards just trying to pay them as well as my initial doctor visits in-between. Not to mention my own personal minimal living expenses.

This all comes down to one final answer!  My friends, Family and Co-workers.

I wanted to plan a social event to support my eager efforts.  On St. Patrick's Day!

I love hanging out with fellow geeks (Duh) and people drink anyway on St. Paddy's Day.
Plus, I love holidays and I had friends ready and willing to help out! They have offered to help out with silent auction items so eliminating stress and sleepless nights it practically planned itself. Thank you everyone! Your generosity is overwhelming and indescribable.
The most significant challenge for me has been that I didn't want to tell people about what was happening. Thinking about it was enough to make me cry on demand for almost no reason what so ever. I'm not so much for crying, so I like to avoid negative subjects such as this.

There are a numerous amount of women who probably need money far more than I do and are in far worse positions. I've had organizations recommend that I join their long waiting lists immediately.  I have reached out to those I feel have touched me the most. I feel for those women and I want to help them, but would rather not go through the waiting system if I could just use my God given skills and try to make things happen.

I absolutely welcome any organization  to come and enjoy and/or bring fliers or brochures at the event. I called the organizations that originally helped me NIP and SAGE (Thank you sincerely) and will be getting fliers from them on this preventable disease. Those will be available for you to grab at the St. Paddy's event.

I want to be completely transparent and not have any mis-communication or back lash from anyone who thinks this is a selfish act or an attempt to line my own pocket-book. If you know me, then you know I am reaching out for help to the people who mean the most to me. I figure we are all going out anyway on St. Paddy's to have a grandeur time this green-beered holiday and I would love to spend it with all of you. We can raise a little money doing things you would be doing in the process. Plus, some of my friends from local businesses have generously offered to donate silent auction items for you to bid on...

Check it out:

    WHERE: The Depot in downtown Minneapolis. Aimee Cheek helped me set up most of the location and discounts. The Depot has graciously offered to sell special parking vouchers at The Bar for you for only $5 – unlimited parking that day! Insane discount for 3/17/10.  [Normally it’s $6 for 2 hrs, $8 for 2-3 hours and so on until you have to break out the pink pig.  Happy Hour is 4-6pm, ½ price rail drinks, tap beer and house wine.  They don't stop!  It will be ½ price bottle wine night (select bottles).

    I hope you all understand why I set this up and I look forward to having a fun night with all of you! If you have any questions, comment or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me personally, but let's try to take this for what it is: someone who needed to make ends meet and is trying to creatively problem solve. 

    Long story short: I'm not begging for your money, just happily saying if your planning on partying for St. Paddy's.  So, why not join me at the Depot? Even if you just come to hang out, I would be to see you and happy to have you join us.

    Just to be clear, medically speaking, I'm in the clear for now and have to go in for check-ups every three months. For who knows how long...

    Event sign up is here:

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