Saturday, February 13, 2010

[Desaraev | Agency Couture] Some People Will Continue to Inspire You, Even After Meeting Them the 100th Time

 The picture above (in case you can't read it) is from a twitter post on January 6th, 2010 and says, "Their are some people, that no matter how many times you meet them, they inspire you. What kind of man/women are you?" I have a lot of thoughts throughout the day that I want to share with you and not all of them fit into 160 characters. So I say what I can via twitter and save it in my "favorites" to be expanded on at a later date. I wish I got around to writing about more of my posts before I forget about them.

YOU Inspire ME

I wish I could make the world better or at least teach one person something important. I may or may not ever accomplish that lofty goal, the odds are against me. I'm not a great writer, like Paulo Coehlo who is an international best seller and wrote the book The Alchemist, he continues to inspire me with every word he puts onto paper. So in case I never reach the stars, I'm going to make a "second best" goal: to inspire someone. I hope over the years I have helped at least a couple people (not just one). Maybe you, my community- our community, will be the catalyst for the future of some thing as big as the internet.

Who inspires ME

This post is nothing more then to thank you and the people who inspired me. I wrote this post after watching the movie "The Express" for probably the tenth time thanks to HBO rerunning everything a zillion times. Football hero Ernie Davis and the actor of Ernie, Rob Brown, are the epiphany of small things making a BIG impact on the world. Which is why I want to know who inspires you.

Here is a small and incomplete list of who has inspired me:

  • My dad always inspires me. He is a great man and often too humble and too giving. He set and continually raises the bar for men in my life. He knows me as a best friend and loves me unconditionally.
  • My mom pushes me, often farther then I though I could go. We don't always get a long but I definitely wouldn't have done half the things in my life that I have accomplished without her. Our love/hate relationship inspires me to forgive and set goals outside of the norm.
  • My friends, who are always pointing out my flaws but comforting me gently in the process. They may not always like my quirks but some how still put up with me. 
  • Who doesn't need #GirlTalk, #GeekTalk, and a little social networking? @AmySBryant, @KeithPrivette, @Kshoop, @JennBarnett, @Vmiller86 
  • Their are lots of people in my industry who are thought leaders, trust agents, great speakers, fantastic teachers and designers, fun to hang out with and a wealth of knowledge, I ran out of ways to say this stuff so here are some of the other names Herb Sawyer from Carmichael Lynch, Phil Wilson, Steve Borsch, Don Ball, Rich Mahn, Chris Pirillo, Jeff Pesek, Jessica Darling, (the people in these links are all of those things and more).
  • Teacher: Dr. Karen Stiles (Marine Biology) who taught me a million fish names, how to kyak, scuba dive and dissect fish. Her class brought me to new leadership conferences, and introduced me to the World Food Prize. 
  • Teacher: Jerry Bradley, and Richard Graves, are Instructors for Central Academy's aviation program. I learned so much more then just air frame and power plant mechanics from these instructors. I learned about responsibility, integrity and that things like aviation are even more unforgiving then the sea, so if you plan to aim high you had better watch where you are going.
  • Some of my family always seem to be well put together, laid back and as if they have it all figured out (even if they don't). Love you Tonja and Clifford
  • Two of my favorite authors: Hester Browne and Jen Lancaster. Jen you are witty, funny and say all the things that I can't (because let's face it I'm not bubbly enough or loud enough for people to put up with me being any bitchier). Hester you are glamorous, your writing is elegant and I wish I had all the manners and etiquette that the characters in your books have.
  • I know I am missing a hundred more people but it is 6 a.m. Good MORNING TWITTER and Google Reader!
I would love to know who inspires YOU! Tell me in the comments or write your own post and link it back to this one, then let me know about it (so I can read it). Happy Valentines Day (In case I forget to tell you tomorrow).

As always you are more then welcome to use any of my content, repost it, rewrite it, and broadcast it all I ask is that you link back to where you found it (

I would also love to hear YOUR comments, questions or concerns of my posts and reviews! What do you think, its ok if our opinions don't match up! Leave a comment or let me know what you would like to learn more about and maybe it will become my next blog post or video blog.

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Thanks for reading!

--Desarae A. Veit
Agency Couture


Phil said...


Thanks for the kind words. To know I am one who inspires you is flattering beyond words. Don't think that inspiration isn't a two way street. You inspire me as well. Thank you for that.


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT topic!

People with positive attitudes, those willing to help others expecting nothing but a sincere thank you in return and continual learners inspire me. Plus, seeing personal and professional growth in anyone.

While we have never met Desarae, your insights, spirit and personal drive inspire me! Thank you for sharing and being a “trust agent.”


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