Sunday, February 7, 2010

National Singles Awareness Holiday. The Day of Pink. Why I love it anyway.

Many of you know I love holidays. All of them. Most people's favorite holiday is Christmas, because people give them things. My favorite holiday is Valentines Day. I love Valentines Day.

Why I Love Valentines Day

Yes, Valentine's day offers single people an acute awareness of all the happy couples around them, but the day is about love and fun. I love the Valentine's Day cards and wish that people still passed them out like we did as kids.

I love cards in general and flowers. A lot of women say that flowers are useless because they will just die anyway. This is dumb, don't bother arguing with me because I will just agree to disagree with you. Flowers are beautiful and make my house smell fresh. They are also fun to look at and any time I've received them flowers make me smile. Always remember to say thank you, this will let the other person know that you like this sort of thing and may encourage them to do it again. This is probably why my family continues to send them to me. Thanks family, you are G-g-great! Besides if you don't like fresh cut flowers, ask for potted ones.

I love the colors pink, silver, white and red. I like those colors in that order. They are my favorite colors. They are pretty, girly and don't seem to ever have negative connotations derived from them, except maybe from people who hate other happy people.

Is the juice worth the squeeze? Dating can be hard, lonely, happy, sad and fun. Yep dating is bi-polar in itself. Dating makes normal sane people very confused. If you like being single ignore the rest of this paragraph, for the rest of you still reading asking yourself is the juice worth the squeeze? Think of orange juice. Making home made orange juice is a lot of work, I know, I've made home made orange juice. The moments of happiness are worth it. I'm not desperate, I have standards and some day will hopefully find a nice man who likes me back. Until then I'm content and realize that the juice (all the trouble and singledom is DEFINITELY worth it). Besides all the married people will tell you, the grass is always greener. (By the way the juice question comes from the movie "The Girl Next Door")

Holiday discounts are great. Who doesn't like going to the movies, a bottle of wine or a shoe shopping spree. Enough said. I'm sure lots of people think I'm a ditz for writing this post to them I say, well I can't think of anything nice to say. To those who agree with me I say, "keep your chin up and when v-day comes around let's go find that bottle of wine."

Being a Pisces has a lot to do with my love for February. Ok, not really the Pisces means nothing to me but I do have a story for you. My name, Desarae, which means desired one or long awaited for in French. I was supposed to be born on Valentine's Day but (like now--I'm super short.. 5' 1" to be exact) I was too small to pop the "bubble" and was born 6 days late on the 20th. Ergo my name.

Amy S. Bryant: I was born the twentieth of FEB. not Jan. (just teasing). Okay one more story. Last month on January 20, 2010 @AmySBryant wished me happy birthday and 7 other people followed suit, including two people who looked it up on Facebook and realized that was wrong. I should have played it out and got two birthdays, but I didn't think of that before thanking her and telling her wrong day. Dumb story, maybe, but you just read it. Amy is great, just saying.

I'm only half sorry for wasting your time with this post, that's 5 minutes you may never get back (and could have been using for those goals I keep talking about). Anyway tell me what YOU think. Tell me if you like Valentines Day, what your favorite holiday is, or why you liked/hated this post.

Photo Credits Bob.Fornal, amasc and mozzercork

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Thanks for reading!

--Desarae A. Veit
Agency Couture

1 comment:

David said...

If you haven't see the movie Love Happens then I strongly recommend it. Lots of flowers and a great story of how love happens when you least expect it. There is a great scene in the movie where one of the characters reads copies of notes sent with flowers. "Life on a 3X5" as they refer to it.

You're orange juice analogy is great...I'd add one more thing. Sometimes you do all that work and the juice isn't worth drinking. You started with sour oranges and didn't know it until the juice was made. As hard as it is, you have to dump it out and start fresh.

You mentioned flowers and cards...what about the least in a latte! :-)

Thanks for the positive view on being single at V-day!

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