Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tips for MEN Wanting to Dress for Success

This blog post is in response to's blog post requesting tips on how to dress post-college and how to be prepared for networking with professionals. In Ted's post he tells us that he is a jeans and a t-shirt kind of guy. That's probably over half of America, no polling needed, I'm speaking purely from just walking down any main street.

"Office Clothing Tips for Men: Whether you're fashion phobic or just need some useful advice for getting your professional wardrobe in order, a few office clothing tips for men never go amiss."

A least Ted knows what he is comfortable in. From his description of what he likes to where I'd say  a little tweaking and he can still feel comfortable but look like a million bucks. It's that old dress for the job you want not the job you have thing. Sides lots of semi-famous dudes don't wear suits every where they go (Chris Brogan I've never seen him in a full suit). I'm not someone from the show What Not To Wear but here are my thoughts and basic tips.

Keeping YOUR Business Style Classy but Comfortable

Some stores have personal shoppers that can make you look good, not stray too much from your comfort zone but will introduce you to new and wonderful things. Vintage and designer stores are G-g-reat for this. They cost a little more but the clothing is also nicer and when you switch between them the clothes last longer and will look classy for years to come. I think of classy like the color black, it never goes out of style. So aim less for being hip and more for being classy with a pinch of yourself in the style. A good rule of thumb while your  shopping is if you don't feel comfortable in the store you will probably never wear it out of that store. Make sure you can move in it and that you feel like a million bucks.

Where to Shop Online or Offline

A few sites you can check out that are always classy: Nordstroms, banana republic, ann taylor, armani exchange (the cheaper version of armani), barneys,, zappos. Second places to consider express, macys,,, the buckle, and Their are lots of little shops in uptown to check out too. The nice thing about boutiques or ordering online is that you can get some pieces that NOT EVERYONE else is wearing.

What are Men's Staple Pieces?

Staples are like that color black, they go with anything. This means a nice jacket that is a little more casual, a few blazers, some button ups that are fairly neutral, and pants. Be sure to also have white undershirts for under those dress shirts, no one needs to see your chest hair.

Also buy yourself a nice belt. I don't want to see your boxers in public. Their are lots of places that sell reversible belts. If you don't buy one of these make sure you have both a black and brown one.

Shoes can bring an outfit up, even if you are wearing jeans. Find a nice pair of brown and a classy pair of black DRESS shoes. Make sure you like your new shoes and that they are COMFORTABLE before you leave the store.

Men's Fashion No-Nos

You want to look your best, take a little extra time and iron your clothing. Wrinkled pants or a jacket can  still look nice but will look really clean and new after you iron them. It shows that you care.

Make sure that the colors you are mixing, mix well. Have you ever seen a paint color wheel? Use complimentary colors. Brown with black is NOT complimentary. White is not in season after early fall and does not come back until spring. You don't need to remember this just wait until you start seeing lots of girls wearing this color again, LOTS being the key word here not just one girl who doesn't get it. Remember to only wear ONE BOLD color per outfit. Neon, sparklies, and lime green are normally something you would be better off steering clear of. Make sure your belt, shoes and outfit are of similar colors. Lighter colors and pastels generally go with brown. Darker colors go with black.

If your shoes or socks have holes in them they are trash. No exceptions.

Jeans can be holey, but not too tight or too baggy. I shouldn't be able to see every curve and your pants shouldn't be falling off you. If this seems like something you can't tell if you are getting right or not, ask a shop attendant or your girlfriend/wife. If someone has ever commented on this, please consider you are doing it wrong. If your pants want to fall to your ankles when you don't put a belt on, then they are too baggy. No women will tell you this is sexy. Jeans can be holey but not dirty. If they clearly have dirt on them this is not in style, yes some jeans come with paint stains but not giant globs of mud.

Hawaii shirts are only appropriate in Hawaii. You don't need a grill in your mouth (a big row of diamonds that cover your teeth). Keep it simple stupid and you'll look classy.

I love seeing men in jeans with a dress shirt and a nice blazer, but no promises this will be in fashion forever. Let's say if J. Crew isn't doing it anymore, that you shouldn't. Deal?

Men's Accessories

This is up to you. Most men's necklaces look tacky to me, but that is a judgment call. Men, I would suggest you don't wear more then one ring per hand. You can also spice up your outfit with a watch or arm band, not both at the same time. Again make sure that the accessories you choose match the colors you are wearing.

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Thanks for reading!

--Desarae A. Veit
Agency Couture


Joel C. said...

Some very good advice here. Making sure that your clothes are both clean and pressed is helpful too. Getting shirts starched and pressed at say a dry cleaners may cost a bit more than doing it at home, but they look great!

Also, in addition to what you wear, having a good, stylish and professional looking hair cut can make or break an outfit.

Ted Rightmire said...

Thanks for the response-post Desarae. It's much appreciated, and very good stuff. I like the idea of making the style work to fit the personality, instead of going cookie-cutter... especially since I'll still be showing up at that uber-casual office every day.

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